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October 04, 2016

What Brew Brings Out Our Dark Side?


Dunkelweizen; aka Dark Wheat beer, is created from a variety of special malts including Munich malt, Caramel and Röstmalz, and we are willing to bet this dark wheat brew is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted.


Oh yeah? You ask. What makes its flavor so special?


This brunette beer is fermented similarly to light beer which starts at 68° Fahrenheit and rises to 73.4°. It is then stored at 37.4° for about one week, but in a way as unique as its flavor — upside down!


See, we told you it was special.


Due to the natural sedimentation, the yeast settles on the bottom of the keg. In order to redistribute the yeast the keg remains upside down until just before tapping time. The beer is then bottled unfiltered and natural for a quality and freshness as welcoming as a restroom stop during a road trip.


What’s your favorite way to enjoy this unique flavor?