1935 The Hofbräuhaus Song
“In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus – Oans, zwoa, G’suffa!” Who doesn’t know the famous Hofbräuhaus song? Hard to believe: The melody to the Hofbräuhaus song by Klaus Siegfried Richter is written by a Prussian, the Berlin composer Wiga Gabriel and first performed by a Bavarian brass band on a sausage market. How German! After a resounding success as a catchy tune during carnival, the song will also soon be sung by the Munich locals. Even today, it is still considered the “beer song” par excellence.

1939 From “Royal” to “National”

The “Royal” is removed from the Hofbräuhaus name. Instead, the official title is now the “National Hofbräuhaus”.

1944 Hofbräuhaus Bombed 

Munich in ruins: Even the most famous beer hall in the world was not spared by the catastrophic events of the Second World War. In the night of April 25, 1944, Hofbräuhaus was hit by the first aerial bombs, and three further air attacks did more damage. When fighting finally came to an end on May 8, 1945, only a small part of the beer hall was still in working order.

1950 First Oktoberfest Keg Tapping

The official Oktoberfest took place again from 1949 on, 4 years after the war was ended. In between the citizens of Munich even celebrated a smaller version, the fall festival. 1950 was a historic year as Munich’s Mayor did the official Keg Tapping of the opening event for the first time, with no other beer than Hofbräu! From 1952 onwards, Hofbräu München is appearing with its own Oktoberfest tent.

1958 Hofbräuhaus Reconstruction

Valentin Emmert starts as the first post-war host with reconstructing the premises at the Platzl, as well as at the Innere Wiener Straße. In 1958, for the 800-year celebration of the city of Munich, the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl presents itself to its guests with a newly refurbished ballroom.

1972 New Hofbräu Tent

Hofbräu sets new standards for Oktoberfest! With 269 feet long and 203 feet wide, the new tent covers a surface area of 54,607 square feet. In addition, it has a beer garden of more than 21,500 square feet. With space for 10,000 visitors, it holds the biggest capacity until today! And all those people are quite thirsty and hungry which leads to unbelievable consumption numbers! During the 16 days of the festival, some 145,000 gallons of beer, 70,000 portions of chicken, 5,500 portions of pork knuckle or 8,500 portions of pork sausage are consumed at the Hofbräu tent.

1987 Brewery on Fire

Only one year before the inauguration of the new brewery outside the city limits, the malt house at the Innere Wiener Straße goes up in flames. The whole building complex is completely gutted by the flames.

1988 New Brewery

After a construction period of 2 years, the new brewery opens its gates in the outskirts of Munich. A separate deep well, optimal access to rail and road and state-of-the-art technology facilities make it one of the most modern breweries in Europe at the time. The new building can produce up to 6,604,000 gallons of “barley juice”!

1989 400 Years of Hofbräu

The Hofbräu brewery celebrates its 400th Anniversary!

1995 Hofbräu in Hong Kong

Hofbräu München opens its first Franchise in Hong Kong. The brew pub has its own onsite brewery where Hofbräu Beers are brewed according to the original recipes and supervision from Munich.

1997 Hello USA

Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier is first being introduced at the Oktoberfest in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The City’s Chamber President and local restaurant owners had initiated contact with Hofbräu Munich. Local businessman, Fred Schumacher and later the first President of “Hofbräuhaus of America” took care of the formalities to get the beer to Frankenmuth in time for the Oktoberfest.

2000 Change of Leadership

Finance minister Dr. Kurt Faltlhauser – remember the brewery is State owned – and Albert Riedl, former brewery director, hand over the reins to Dr. Michael Möller who is still leading the brewery today.

2002 Hofbräu at the Chinese Tower

On January 1, 2002, Hofbräu München becomes the sole supplier of beers and other beverages to the Chinese Tower. Located in the heart of the English Garden Park, the historic pagoda offers a restaurant plus Munich’s most celebrated and scenic beer garden. A must-see when in Munich!

2003 First Hofbräuhaus Franchise in America

With now six years since the beer was introduced in the United States, it was time for a Hofbräuhaus in the U.S. In April 2003 a brewhouse and beer hall opens in the style of the Munich original in Newport, KY. The Hofbräuhaus Newport was born!

2004 Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas: The entertainment metropolis Las Vegas gains one more attraction. Stefan Gastager, todays President of Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC and his Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas partners Klaus Gastager, Anton Sinzger and Franz Krondorfer open the true-to-original copy of the Hofbräuhaus Munich after a year of construction to the crowds.

2005 Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC EST.

With the rapid expansion of the distribution of Hofbräu Beer in the U.S., Hofbräu München and Schumacher & Associates, LLC established Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC.

2007 400 Years of Hofbräuhaus am Platzl

Comeback of a symbolic figure: For the 400-year Anniversary of the Hofbräuhaus at the Platzl, the Bavarian Finance Minister, Prof. Dr. Kurt Faltlhauser, gifts a sculpture of brewery assistant Julius to the innkeepers, which was once shining on top of the Hofbräuhaus before it was bombed in WWII. One year later, the sculpture is being installed back where it belonged, looking over the heart of Munich.

2009 Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh

Americans love Bavarian traditions and so the third Hofbräuhaus opens in the United States: Beer from Munich will henceforth be poured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

2013 Hofbräuhaus Chicago

Chicago, Illinois sets new standards: Hofbräuhaus Chicago, the 4th and largest Hofbräuhaus at that time, opened its doors to the public.

2014 Hofbräuhaus Cleveland

Becoming the 5th American Franchise Hofbräuhaus Cleveland had its grand opening in October 2014. It’s located in Cleveland’s historic Playhouse Square District and combines the old and the new by incorporating the famous Hermit Club as part of the newly constructed Beer Hall and Garden.

2014 Hofbräuhaus Columbus

In November of same year, the second Hofbräuhaus within the State of Ohio, and the 6th in the U.S. opens: Hofbräuhaus Columbus is located in Grandview Heights and worth a visit for all Hofbräuhaus fans and beer lovers.

2015 Hofbräuhaus St. Petersburg

Only one year later, the Hofbräuhaus St. Petersburg in Florida had its grand opening. It was the 7th Franchise to be opened in the U.S. and the first for the Sunshine State.

2015 First Hofbräuhaus in South America

Bavarian flair in Brazil: Hofbräuhaus Belo Horizonte opens in the brewery capital. Typical Brazilian snacks meet hearty cuisine and the world-famous beer from Bavaria. What a combo!

2017 First Hofbräuhaus in Russia

Hofbräu Kemerowo opens as the first Hofbräu Tavern in Russia. West Siberia celebrates with Bavarian atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit.

2018 New Importer for Hofbräu

The brewery in Munich appoints Hofbräuhaus of America, LLC as the new importer of Hofbräu beer in the United States, bringing the Import business back under the HB Umbrella after it was previously outsourced.

2018 Hofbräuhaus St. Louis

In April Hofbräuhaus St. Louis, Belleville opened its doors to the public. It’s the 8th Franchise and with an on-site brewery, huge indoor and beer garden accommodations the largest to date.

2021 Hofbräuhaus Buffalo

In September 2021 the Hofbräuhaus Buffalo, New York celebrates its Grand Opening with great success.