Clean Beer Draft Faucet

The Importance of Draft Maintenance #4

The draft faucet…

Last time we talked about different off-flavors in our beers that can be caused if the draught system lacks proper handling or cleaning maintenance. There is one common mistake being made that we want to touch on today and we are sure you’ve all witnessed it before: the draft faucet being in the foam while the beer is poured!

The beer faucet is most vulnerable to bacteria solely due to its location at the end of the draft line system and being exposed to oxygen. By putting the faucet into the beer, you are creating a sticky layer on the metal and bacteria is given prime breeding ground! Remember that beer is a live product and if you are served a beer where the faucet was immersed in it you will certainly not consume a perfect pour. Now you know and if you see a bartender doing this you can mention what you’ve learned and help maintain cleaner draft lines and more enjoyable beer experiences!

Faucet hygiene is important to us and we encourage our HB pouring partners to focus on clean and regularly maintained draft lines. The beer faucet itself should be disassembled and cleaned on a regular basis. Most faucets in the U.S. market have a vent hole which is perfect for an easy cleaning technique.

Thonhauser Gmbh recommends a simple tap rinsing ball that you use with water, which helps cleaning the faucet properly.”, so draught maintenance expert Karl Braun. Don’t hesitate to contact him via  if you are in the beer pouring business yourself and have additional questions.