Harugari German-American Club


Harugari German-American Club

The Harugari German-American Club, nestled in the shoreline town of West Haven, Connecticut, stands as a testament to the living spirit of German heritage in the United States. Established in 1875, the cultural society has been a hub for celebrating and preserving the rich traditions of its founding members through a blend of hard work and hard play.

The name “Harugari” is rooted in the old Germanic word “Haruc,” signifying the Teutonic spirit or priest of the oak tree. This symbolism extends to the club’s natural grounds, dominated by majestic oak trees that evoke the spirit of its founders.

This July they unveiled Joe Eckner’s Biergarten, located in the Albert Walz Pavilion. The clubhouse, outdoor pavilion and beautiful grounds provide families, friends and guests with welcoming places to meet.

The Harugari German-American Club boasts a long and proud history, initially forming as a singing group in 1880 and later became a charter member of the Connecticut Sängerbund in 1882. Over the years, the club expanded its entertainment to include dance groups, Schuhplattler performances, and a variety of German orchestras and bands, showcasing the diverse facets of German culture.

Members have hosted events such as the Bierfest, Schlachtfest, Oktoberfest, Seemannsabend and Christkindlmarkt, and they are an essential and popular part of the club’s calendar. These celebrations feature home-cooked meals such as Schnitzel, Rouladen or Goulash, accompanied by the finest German beer and wine. Live entertainment presented with traditional German attire, customs and dances are always part of the program.

The Harugari German-American Club is inviting you to join their festivities and gatherings throughout the year. Hofbräu is proud to be one of their featured beers.