Clean Tasty Beer

The Importance of Draft Maintenance

Imagine: You go to a bar and are excited for your first sip of a freshly poured beer…but then it tastes stale. The excitement is gone. Off-flavors can have many reasons and most of them, quite frankly, can be avoided with the right line cleaning and draught maintenance. We at HB want to guarantee that you get your Hofbräu as fresh and tasty as it gets and therefore want to highlight the importance of proper draft maintenance and handling.

We not only see it as a mission to make sure that our beer selling partners align with the proper practice, but also want to teach you about the do’s and don’ts of draught maintenance. Expert and Global Director of Dispense/Draft Beer of Thonhauser Gmbh, Karl Braun, will give you valuable insights in our monthly feature starting in June. Stay tuned!