Beer Temperature

The Importance of Draft Maintenance #2

Beer and the right temperature…

With these temperatures it’s important to stay cool and so needs to be your favorite HB pour! We at HB make sure that your beer is served in its right temperature! Therefore, we advise our partners to have a proper keg and line cooling system, so that your beer tastes fresh, clean and excellent – just like it should be.

For maximum yield, beer should be stored at 35-38 degrees and served in the glass at 38-40 degrees. The best test is to take the temperature from the beer after it has been in the cooler for 24 hours. If it’s too cold, which starts at 34 and below, the beer loses its internal pressure (CO2), pours too slowly, looks flat and won’t hold its head and last but not least – loses flavor. Below 29 degrees beer starts to freeze, and flavor and aroma carrier are being crystalized. The beer stops pouring from the tap! If it’s being poured too warm, which means that the beer leaves the draught system far above 40 degrees, it not only pours too fast and creates too much foam due to the internal pressure being too high, it also loses it’s refreshing taste. Reason for a stale taste besides the warm temperature, can be the resulting produced bacteria within the keg or line. Especially above 45 degrees, the beer starts fermentation, and the bacteria stems create a sour, stale or very foamy result in the beer. “If the line system runs too hot it’s more likely to build up bacteria which require special cleaning methods.”, so draught maintenance expert Karl Braun, Thonhauser Gmbh.

You see how important it is to regulate and monitor the draught system temperature properly! Karl Braun can be contacted to help regulate and monitor the draft system temperature and answer your questions.